5050Soccer is proud to partner with local community organizations. Your purchase helps us contribute equipment, time and money to organizations making a difference in our youth.


One such organization:

Operation Jump Start (OJS) “helps low-resourced, high-potential first generation students get in, stay in, and graduate from a four-year college. We do this by providing academic support, mentoring, and exposure to a broader world.”

5050Soccer was proud to partner with OJS to bring training and equipment to their youth. We believe in our community and put our actions behind our words!

“When we worked with 5050 Soccer many years ago, we had never explored the idea of organizing events around sports appreciation. Working with them changed the way we plan our annual programs. We now host biannual and interactive sports appreciation and exploration functions. Specifically, the soccer workshop 5050 conducted for our students and their volunteer mentors was one of the funnest social events we had to date and all of our students raved about how great the instruction was and how fun their day turned out. We at OJS are really grateful to 5050 Soccer and their passion towards bettering underrepresented communities — including ours here in Long Beach, California.”

-Irene Q., OJS Executive Director

Need Support?

How about your organization? Need support? Training? Equipment? Send us a message! We are always actively looking for organizations to help grow the passion for soccer. Yours could be next!

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