Our Story

It starts with Edson, our founder, whom has been an EMT, volunteer firefighter and had other careers before he realized that none of them fueled his passion like the beautiful game. Being a player/coach/manager himself, he decided to start 5050 Soccer out of passion, determination and the champions mentality!

Passion for the game, determination to not only bring the soccer community premium high quality and affordable soccer gear, but to grow in all aspects of the business and sport. And of course the KB24 mentality to win in life!

As lifelong players, coaches, soccer moms, dads and managers, we know the game. We know your gear is special to you, and you are special to us. In addition to that, we take pride and honor in working to provide our soccer community what they need.

We believe just like in our brand, your path in life hasn't been the same as everyone else. Your background and personality make you unique, so don't hide it from the world, share it and own it!

Play Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere!